"We're really chuffed with the video. The feedback from the London show was phenomenal!" 

Sharon C - MARCOM Co-ordinator for Scott Safety

Here at Saddleworth Studios our wealth of studio and location advertising experience enable us to offer complete, unique, creative video packages for business. Our laid back professional approach, knowledge of lighting, timing and composition, enables business's to create stunning corporate videos for self promotion, training and instructional purposes with substantial financial savings. 

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Martin Stimson - Johnny Back Home From Fighting

This is a music video filmed on location at Tanners Mill in Greenfield to accompany the new song by Mossley musician, Martin Stimson. The song is to highlight the plight of ex servicemen and women becoming homeless and destitute after serving their country. Martin and ourselves are proud to support the charity, www.help4homelessveterans.org.uk   

Bobst - Hawkeye

This is a corporate industrial video to promote the Bobst Hawkeye system to prospective customers.

UNIC Cranes

This is a corporate industrial video for UNIC cranes. This is a teaser video to promote the launch of a new crane. The concept was to show glimpses of the crane to get customers curiosity and interest raised before the official launch.

Bobst - Open House

This is a corporate industrial video to record the companies 'Open House' day whereby customers from all over the world were invited to spend the day at the factory to learn about the manufacturing and technical capabilities of their products.